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Staff Profile

Dr Sabina Hulbert

Centre for Health Services Studies, University of Kent
01227 824908

Dr. Sabina Hulbert completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Padua (Italy) with a specialization in Work and Industrial Psychology followed by a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Kent in 1999. She has since been a lecturer and then senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich and at Canterbury Christ Church University. Lately she has been appointed as an Academic Research Lead at Canterbury Christ Church University and has recently joined RDS SE as a Research Adviser. During this period she has developed significant experience in quantitative data analysis and advanced statistical techniques collaborating in number of research projects.

Her Health related research interests include prevention and management of Type 2 Diabetes, the wellbeing of Alzheimer patients and their carers, Mental Health and physical activity.

Dr. Hulbert also collaborates on research projects more focused on methodological aspects and design, like validation of measuring scales and instruments (e.g. Risk of Gang Affiliation in teenagers; assessment of cognitive abilities after brain injuries; Italian WISC-IV) and the psychometric properties of diagnostic tools.

Her expertise focuses on quantitative research designs, construction of attitude measurement tools, validation studies, data management of large scale datasets, psychometrics, cohort studies and survey design in general.

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