Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Dr Wendy Wood (Research adviser)

University of Brighton

Dr Wendy Wood is a Research Adviser at NIHR Research Design Service South East. Whilst previously working at the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit Wendy was involved in the development of a large number of grant applications to various funding bodies including CR UK, NIHR, LLR, and MRC. This included trial design as well as assessing staff and resources required and costing appropriately.

She has many years experience in clinical trials management and has been responsible for oversight of trials at all stages – development, set up, recruitment, follow up, analysis and closedown, ongoing grant management and troubleshooting delays and problems with trial conduct and patient recruitment. She has experience in phase Ib, II and III trials, blinded, randomised, chemotherapy trials of licensed and unlicensed IMPs, trials involving radiotherapy, surgery, psychological interventions, exercise and devices, tissue collection of various types of samples for translational sub-studies as well as PK and PD aspects of early phase trials. Disease areas include various tumour types – lymphoma, myeloma, lung, colorectal, prostate, head & neck, oesophageal, germ cell, as well as non-cancer trials in paediatric orthopaedics, asthma, eczema, alcoholic hepatitis, psychology. She is qualified in adult and paediatric nursing and has a degree and PhD in biochemistry.

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