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Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Professor Jorg Huber (Director and Research Adviser)

University of Brighton
+44 (0)1273 64 4078

Professor Jörg Huber is an active researcher involved in studies on long-term conditions, resilience and wellbeing, factors protecting against obesity, and behaviour change through incentives. A common thread of his research is a focus on psychosocial resilience and maintaining wellbeing: resilient individuals or groups can maintain wellbeing in the face of considerable adversity. Some of his earlier research focused on reading and interpretation of medical images, on prediction of behaviour from attitudes and other aspects of social cognition. He collaborates at local, national and international levels with medical, psychological, health and social care professionals and academics.

His research uses experimental, survey and psychometric methods, and he is also familiar with a wide range of qualitative approaches. He has expertise in many forms of statistical analyses; this ranges from sample size calculations to factor analytic issues. As a psychometrician he is registered with many test publishers and is regularly involved in the development of questionnaires.

Jörg Huber has been an adviser to public bodies and charities. He has been a reviewer for the NIHR, the Wellcome Trust and other funders; he regularly reviews for many scientific journals.

His current responsibilities include being member of the Centre for Health Research in the School of Health Sciences (University of Brighton), supervision of PhD students and principal investigator on several research projects.

Panel memberships: Health and Care Research Wales – Health Research Grants and Research for Patient and Public Benefit – Scientific Funding Boards

Clinical Studies Group 5: long term management and glycemic control (CSG5) Advising Diabetes UK (the main UK diabetes research charity) on research priorities.

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