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Staff Profile

Karen Stenner

Karen Stenner (Research Adviser)

School of Health Sciences, University of Surrey

Karen Stenner joined the Surrey RDS SE in November 2021 as a research advisor specialising in qualitative research. She is a lecturer at the School of Health Sciences at the University of Surrey.

Karen is familiar with a range of qualitative and mixed-method approaches such as case study, grounded theory, thematic analysis and phenomenology. She is currently leading a qualitative project on the delegation of insulin injections from registered nurses to healthcare support workers in community services, funded by Dunhill Medical Trust. She is also a co-applicant on a mixed method NIHR funded national evaluation of prescribing by dietitians and therapeutic radiographers.

Previous research projects include mixed method and qualitative studies of prescribing by nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists and podiatrists. She also has experience of undertaking qualitative research in the areas of criminal justice drug programmes, sexual behaviour and health research. She has a first degree in Psychology from the University of Bristol and a PhD on the evaluation of nurse prescribing from the University of Surrey.

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