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We offer a rolling programme of events to help researchers at different stages of the grant development process. The diagram illustrates the different types of event we provide which are scheduled throughout the year and hosted by the RDS SE.

The types of event we currently organise are:

NIHR research programmes workshops – for researchers starting out on the research journey and wanting to understand the different funding opportunities from the NIHR and tips with applications

Project development sessions – these short sessions give researchers an opportunity to present their research ideas to group of RDS advisers, and to receive on the spot expert feedback.

Research application writing workshops – these workshops give researchers the time and space to develop their research bids with on hand help from RDS advisers

Mock interviews – this is an opportunity for fellowship applicants to practice interviews with a ‘mock interview panel’ of RDS advisers

Pre submission panel – a panel modelled on the NIHR funding panels. RDS expert advisers and lay representatives advise on all aspects of the application and give detailed feedback prior to submission.

In addition to all of the above, we can help to provide tailored events at organisations as required. Please contact us to find out more.


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