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Public Involvement – RDS SE strategy and work plan

Public Involvement – RDS SE strategy and work plan


Our purpose is to provide a high quality PPIE service that is coordinated and equitable across the three hubs in our region (Kent, Surrey and Sussex). This requires a team with hub-based advisers equipped to provide specialist PPIE support, and leadership that ensures the service achieves strategic and operational aims. It also requires partnership working with our public partners on our lay panel.

Our specific aims and objectives are:

  1. To provide high quality evidence based public involvement support and guidance for RDS-SE client
      • To support RDS-SE clients, and in particular those new to research, to work effectively with members of the public during the project development and design for PPIE to be embedded throughout the project lifetime.
      • To support RDS-SE clients in the development of high quality proposals by referring to the national standards and the evidence base for public involvement
      • To provide financial support for high quality PPIE activities as part of a funding application
  2. To provide resources, support and guidance for RDS-SE staff and public partners to facilitate them in providing high quality advice and reviews
      • To ensure support and development of our RDS PPIE team and wider RDS-SE staff enabling them to work effectively with RDS-SE clients, members of the public and local communities, and within the emerging area of social care research.
      • To make all training and learning and development resources available and accessible to our public partners
  3. To enable inclusive PPIE reflective of regional research priorities
      • To promote an increasingly diverse public involvement community that reflects our local populations with greatest health, social care and research needs.
      • To enhance inclusive opportunities for our public involvement community through appropriate support and encouragement to work as valued partners within the RDS-SE infrastructure and with RDS-SE clients.
      • To underpin all our PPIE activities with the UK national standards for PPI.
      • To monitor impact of PPIE in the RDS-SE by recording RDS-SE client feedback to our public partners on their input to project design, and consistently reporting RDS-SE PPIE activity using the UK national standards for PPI as a framework.
  4. To enhance the public voice within the governance of RDS-SE
      • To facilitate an effective public voice in the governance of RDS-SE.
  5. To drive regional PPIE through collaboration and partnership with regional NIHR partners
      • To work with our regional NIHR partners and AHSN to develop collaborative approaches to PPIE to maximise the potential for PPIE to be developed in a way that is aligned with NIHR’s goals.
  6. To provide an effective contribution to the national RDS PPIE work plan
      • To be an active member of the national RDS Public Involvement Community (PI-C), and effectively contribute to the national RDS PPIE work plan.
      • To work closely in partnership with INVOLVE (and then the new NIHR centre for coordinating patient and public involvement, participation and engagement in research and NIHR research dissemination activity) to maximise shared learning and evidence of PPIE best practice and impact across the NIHR and partner organisations.

Please click here to view the RDS SE PPIE Work plan 2019 (PDF) or as an HTML document.

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