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Public Involvement – for researchers

Public Involvement – for researchers

PPI group meeting

How could Public Involvement benefit my research?

By involving members of the public you could:

  • Gain insight into what it’s like to live with a particular condition, disease or illness, in order to inform your research
  • help to ensure the clarity, relevancy and usefulness of your research to the public
  • make your research more feasible by designing it in a way which is appropriate for your participants

How can the RDS SE help you with involving the public in your research?

The RDS provides advice, support and funding for researchers to ensure patients, service users, carers and the public are fully involved in research development, design and delivery.

The RDS SE offers researchers:

  • Bespoke advice and support regarding how to embed public involvement in your research
  • Public Involvement Funds for activities related to grant application development (See PPI grant tab)
  • We may also be able to put you in contact with individuals or groups that can support your research such as the Young Person’s Advisory Group (YPAG) Kent, Surrey, Sussex (see below for further details)
  • Lay review of applications at our pre submissions panels which mimic grant funding panels

Young Person’s Advisory Group for Kent, Surrey and Sussex (YPAG KSS)

The group was launched in 2017 and is for any young person aged 8-18 years old who wants to make research better for themselves and others. With financial support from the Rockinghorse charity, Research Design Service and Clinical Research Network,  the group is a collaboration between the Research Design Service South East, NHS Trusts (in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex), INVOLVE, and the Clinical Research Network for Kent, Surrey, and Sussex.

If you are a Kent, Surrey, or Sussex based researcher, and would like to engage with YPAG KSS to develop research involving young people, you can contact YPAG KSS in the first instance.

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