Advice offered

questionThe NIHR funds the RDS to provide research design and methodological support to health and social care researchers across England to develop grant applications to the NIHR and other national peer reviewed funding programmes.  Advice is confidential and free of charge.

Research advisers are happy to meet at a convenient time and place to discuss your research. It may be appropriate for an RDS adviser to become a co-applicant and to be costed into grant proposals. However, this is not a requirement.

We can advise on all aspects of preparing grant applications including:

  • Formulating research questions
  • Building an appropriate research team
  • Involving patients and the public
  • Designing a study
  • Appropriate methodologies
  • Health Economics
  • Identifying suitable funding sources
  • Regulatory issues
  • Writing lay summaries
  • Identifying the resources required for a successful project

RDS SE Pre-submission review panel

Once your grant application is fairly well developed, you may want to submit it for review by the RDS-SE Pre-Submission Panel. This is a popular service where research advisers (including methodologists, statisticians, PPI experts and lay reviewers) from the South East review your proposal and then assess it at a mock panel.  Feedback on the submission is given in a timely manner from the local RDS Adviser, focusing on key issues which would strengthen the bid.

The dates of upcoming pre sub panels can be found here. Please speak to your research adviser if you would like more information. 

Post-funding advice

The RDS can provide post-funding advice to researchers experiencing difficulties and who received and acknowledged RDS support in their successful funding applications.  This support may relate to study set-up, delivery or analysis, but will be advisory only, including signposting to other groups.  The RDS cannot provide support to fill gaps in the expertise of research teams.

Please also note:

  • the RDS cannot provide support to students. Students in need of research support and advice should contact their supervisors.
  • the RDS does not provide advice for audit projects. For support contact your local Audit Department or R&D lead.